Handbook of Embroidery

1880, by L. Higgin, edited by Lady Marian Alford






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Handbook of Embroidery by L. Higgin
Handbook of Embroidery
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Royal School of Art-Needlework 

Cost of Finished Work.


Curtain Borders, on Serge or Diagonal Cloth, from £2 10s. to £10 10s., about 3½ yards long.

Dress Borders, on ditto, from 7s. to 18s. per yard.

on House Flannel, from 3s. 6d. to 10s. 6d. per yard.

Curtain Borders, on Linen, from £1 10s. to £6 6s. each.

Table Borders, on Linen, from £1 1s. to £2 10s.

Chair Backs, on Linen, from 14s. 6d. to £2 10s.

Sofa Backs, on Linen and Silk, from £2 2s. to £10.

Table Covers, on Linen, from £1 3s. to £5.

Serge, from £1 1s. to £7.

Diagonal, from 30s. to £26.

Small Chair Seats, on Diagonal, from 13s. to £2 12s.

Large Serge, from 13s. to £3 3s.

Cushions, made up, from £2 2s. to £5 7s.

Children’s Dresses, from £1 1s. to £3 3s.

Aprons, from 12s. 6d. to £1 1s.

Children’s French Blouses, 18s. 6d. to £2 3s.

Ladies’ Lawn Tennis Aprons, from £1 5s. to £3 10s.

Linen D’Oyleys, from £2 7s. to £8 8s. per dozen.

Tea Cosies, on Diagonal, from 16s. 6d.

Kettledrum D’Oyleys, each 5s. 6d. to 16s. 6d.

Sachets, with Mat to correspond, on Linen, from £1 6s.

Folding Screens, from £13 to £100.

Curtains, on Serge or Linen, from £10 to £60 per pair.

Mantel Valances, from £2 2s. to £10 10s.

Banner Screens, from £1 10s.

Counterpanes, from £6 to £80.

Table Screens, from £4 4s.

Ladies’ Algerian Hoods, from £3 to £10.

Fans, Mounted, from £2 7s. to £20.

Carriage Rugs, from £2 to £10.

Blotter and Envelope Box, from £8 8s.

on Linen, from £1 5s.

Envelope Box, on Linen, from £3.

Photograph Frames, from £1 10s.

[Pg 106] Bellows, from £1 17s.

Opera Cloaks, from £3 3s.

Nightingale Dressing Jacket, from £2.

Bath Slippers, from 6s. 6d. per pair.

Washstand Backs, from £1 5s.

Blanket Mats, for Bath, 15s. 6d.

Berceaunette Covers, from £1 10s.

Sunshade Covers, from £3 3s.

Piano Panels, from £1 3s.

Babies’ Head Flannels, from £1 3s.

Cloaks, from £4 4s.

Handkerchief Sachets, from £3 3s.

Knitting Pockets, from £1 1s.

P. O. Orders Payable to L. Higgin, Exhibition Road.
Not more than 18 Stamps received.