Handbook of Embroidery

1880, by L. Higgin, edited by Lady Marian Alford






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Handbook of Embroidery by L. Higgin
Handbook of Embroidery
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Of Implements and Materials Used in Modern Embroidery


Of Implements and Materials used in Modern Embroidery.
Needles, Scissors 1
Prickers, &c. 2
Crewels 3
Tapestry Wool 4
Arrasene 4
Embroidery or Bobbin Silk 5
Rope Silk 5
Fine Silk 6
Purse Silk 6
Raw or Spun Silk 6
Vegetable Silk 6
Filoselle 7
Tussore 7
Gold 8
Japanese Gold Thread 8
Chinese Gold 8
Gold and Silver Passing 8
[Pg x]Bullion or Purl 8
Spangles 9
Plate 9
Recipes for Preserving Gold 10