Handbook of Embroidery

1880, by L. Higgin, edited by Lady Marian Alford






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Handbook of Embroidery by L. Higgin
Handbook of Embroidery
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Royal School of Art-Needlework 

Cost of Lessons.

September, 1878.

The Committee of Management of the Royal School of Art-Needlework has now organized Classes for Teaching Ornamental Needlework at their premises in the Exhibition Road, South Kensington.

These Classes are especially established for the instruction of Ladies and Children, and include every kind of stitch in Crewel, Silk, and Gold.

Ladies who wish to take lessons, or send their Children, are requested to send their names to the Secretary, who will inform them when to attend.

Each Course will consist of Six Lessons.


Third Class—Six Lessons.

  £  s. d.
One Person 1   4 0
Two of same Family 1 16 0
Three ditto 2   8 0


Second Class—Six Lessons.

One Person 1 10 0
Two of same Family 2   5 0
Three ditto 3   0 0


First Class—Six Lessons.

One Person 2   0 0
Two of same Family 3   0 0
Three ditto 4   0 0

Single Lessons.

One single Lesson (for 1 hour) on Lesson day 0   7 0
Ditto ditto Special day 0   8 6
Ditto on Ecclesiastical Work (at any time) 0 10 6
Private Lessons at Home, 10s. 6d. the hour and expenses.

Special terms for Classes of Twelve and upwards.