Handbook of Embroidery

1880, by L. Higgin, edited by Lady Marian Alford






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Handbook of Embroidery by L. Higgin
Handbook of Embroidery
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Royal School of Art-Needlework 

Agents in the Country


Liverpool: Messrs. Rumney & Love, Bold Street.
Manchester: Messrs. E. Goodall & Co., King Street.
Leeds: Messrs. Marsh, Jones, & Cribbs.
Norwich: Messrs. Robertson & Sons, Queen Street.
Glasgow: Messrs. Alexander & Howell, 108, St. Vincent Street.
Birmingham: Messrs. Manton, Sons, & Gilbert.

And for

America: Messrs. Torrey, Bright, & Capen, Boston.


116, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

All information to be obtained at the Show Rooms,
108, St. Vincent Street.